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Benefits of a BYOD Strategy for Businesses

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Bring your own device management

The amount of people using their own mobile device for work purposes is increasing as more business owners are realizing the benefits associated with a BYOD policy. Recent studies show 33 percent of employees using their own smart phone or tablet for work purposes are saying their company is not taking the proper security measures. In fact, companies all across the world that are using the BYOD strategy are not encrypting or securing their data. Bring in your own device policies definitely promote higher levels of productivity but the proper security measures must be in place. Luckily, there are BYOD software developers that a

Search Engine Optimization The Next Wave of Madmen

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St louis seo

Is your company having trouble reaching out with social media? If so, you are not the only one. Very few companies know how to use social media effectively. Nonetheless, of the companies that use it 63 percent report that it has had a positive effect on their marketing efforts. Social media is also important for brand management, but saying the wrong thing on social media can make for a public relations disaster.

If you are asking how to become a social media expert, one way would be to respond to your customers’ feedback on Facebook. Most companies do not. It also means having some level of presence on Facebook. Approximately 20 percent of Facebook users report purchasing a product after seeing one ad or another for it on social media or seeing a friend make a comment about it. The key for the organic SEO expe

Planning a Wedding?

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Wedding banquet halls in miami fl

Most people probably do not know that the origin of bridal bouquets comes from early Roman brides, who would carry herbs such as rosemary and garlic underneath their veils, to ward off evil and symbolize both fidelity and fertility. Nowadays, the veil and bouquet are staples of any wedding.

Interestingly, in Eastern countries, brides generally do not wear white wedding dresses. White is the color of mourning for most of those cultures, so to wear white when getting married would be largely unsuitable. Nevertheless, weddings in our American culture are the weddings we are so used to.

The act of throwing rice over a newly married couple has its equivalents around the world. For example, Romans and Greeks used to throw nuts and dates, and currently the French throw wheat, the English throw pie