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The 4 Ms That Make Rochester a Great Place

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Gates barber robbery rochester ny

While it might not have the notoriety of other major U.S. cities, like Chicago, Boston, LA, and, of course, New York City, Rochester New York is still a great city for both its residents and guests. The city has a population of around 210,000, right in between its eastern and western counterparts of Syracuse and Buffalo. But while it might have far less people than other major cities, there is still lots to do and some great history within Rochester. Whether you are thinking about moving to the area or just taking a trip to Rochester, you might want to learn some of the more interesting facts about the city.

1. Malls

Every day, millions of people head to crowded malls to check out different stores and find great deals on the items that they covet. But the first enclosed shopping mall in th

Use an SEO Grader Tool to Quickly and Easily Fix Your Site!

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Seo website grader

Using an SEO website grader, you can check to see how optimized your website is for search engines. This is a great utility for several reasons. Firstly, a free website grader will tell you what you can do to make your website more search engine optimized, which means you can get a better ranking. Secondly, the improvements you make to your site are not just for the sake of boosting this result, but will improve the overall quality of your site as well. Thirdly, SEO website graders can help reduce the cost of web consultants or other paid services, because they tell you what you can fix, some of which can be done by you!

There are many different criteria on which the SEO website grader bases its evaluation on. This include the na

Get the Right Health Care Coverage For Your Small Business

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Insurance employee benefits

Small business health coverage in Canada can be a little tricky, but if you were to use the Smart Plan, things would be much easier. You see, the Canadian Employee Health Benefits Plan (or CEHBP) is a group health benefit plan that utilizes the Smart Plan Design, which guarantees small business health coverage, stable premiums, and better benefits. In fact, the CEHBP was specifically designed for smaller sized business to provide a common sense alternative to the group benefit plans that were offered by big insurance companies.

Under the Canadian health care system, preventive care and early detection are considered to be crucial because early detection extends life expectancy, and the quality of life, whi

Top Five Reasons You Should Be Investing in the Best Website Design

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Mobile web design and development services

1. Though you might not realize this, graphic designers are an important piece of the web design puzzle. This is because of the fact that their services are just effective as copywriters and SEO analysts.

2. As many as 75 percent of mobile device users claim that adaptive web design of a mobile site would make them more likely to return to that site in the future. Investing in responsive website design services can help you to ensure repeat visits to your website.

3. Did you know that over a third of those who access the internet on their phones claim that they consider time spent on a website without Continue Reading 6 Comments

Optimizing Apps and Mobile Site Design

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Web design firm

Customer experience on your website or application frequently comes down to ease of use and navigability. Your design should reflect those criteria to increase use and efficiency throughout the experience. Finding an online product customization company for your site, digital marketing, and mobile web design can increase your sales conversions and lower your time to market.

When looking at creating a new application, you may want to make sure that is comprised of a fully adaptive web design since nearly half of those in the U.S. use a smartphone or mobile device, per the Pew Internet and American Life project. Google sponsored their own survey that found that two thirds of users are more likely to