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Progressive Prosthetic in Virginia Beach VA

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Progressive Prosthetic

380 Cleveland Place

Virginia Beach, VA 23462


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Progressive Prosthetic and Orthopedic Services, an Accredited American Board Certified Facility in Prosthetics and Orthotics, is an independently owned, local business serving patients with a variety of needs in the area. Our local presence and influence give us a distinct advantage over our competitors. In addition to providing the most advanced devices, as members of the community we serve, we are able to establish long-lasting relationships with patients, their families and the professionals who make up their healthcare teams.

How Can You Find the Top Human Resources Management Solutions?

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Human resources agencies

Running a successful company means getting to know all the info on human resources you possibly can. For example: Did you know a number of human resources management solutions exist to help solve your employee management problems? These programs have been created to find the most strategic and logical resolutions to any human resources issue or challenge or obstacle. Here are five quick facts to remember about the process:

1. What does human resources mean, exactly?

Human resources, or HR for short, actually came about much earlier than you probably think. In the beginning of the 20th century, the human relations movement prompted researchers to start tracking ways of creating a better business value through better management. Today, there are a number of human resources management solutions that pr

Three Reasons Adjustable Bed Systems May Help You Sleep

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Reclining lift chairs

Did you know that those who suffer from back pain, especially long-term discomfort, tend to be in poorer health than those who do not? The source of the discomfort can be any number of things, especially stress or genetics. But your bed actually may end up proving to be a culprit as well.

Adjustable bed systems aim to right this wrong. The best beds for your back can end up being adjustable ones because of how they can both support and provide comfort simultaneously. Interested? Here are three more tips about adjustable bed systems:

1. What are adjustable bed systems?

An adjustable bed is basically a bed that you can tailor to your own personal sleeping preferences while simultaneously allowing for potential health benefits. So

Has Your Crew Been Properly Trained on Fall Protection Equipment?

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Lifting chains

Construction safety risks can be challenging to assess properly because one accident is so different from the next. However, when it comes to construction safety, there are indeed some certainties. Did you know that falls are the number 1 cause of fatalities in the construction field? Most falls are actually preventable with proper fall protection training. OSHA construction safety training courses provide construction workers with instruction as to the safe use of lifting equipment, for example, crane safety training and lifting gear safety training. When construction crews are provided with construction safety training courses, accidents do not occur as often. It is so important to make sure that workers understand how to use fall protection equipment safely, and this is accomplished within construction

Pocket Folders Are Here to Stay!

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What is a presentation folder

It may seem like pocket folder printing has always been around, but in reality, the patent for standard pocket folder printing was filed during the last month of 1981. Pocket folder printing is not just for children. Business executives use professional presentation folders every day. This means folders are a terrific way to expand corporate identity and brand awareness.

Do you wonder about pocket folder printing as a method of marketing your organization? Producing professional presentation folders is a great way to promote your organization. Presentation folders can be a fantastic method of holding onto information about products and services offered by your company. When you put th

Dog Saves Owner from Cancer Three Pug Stories

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Dog health

Did you know that in the 1570s, William of Orange led the Dutch rebellion against Spain? He won many battles, but if it were not for his pug, Pompey, William would not have survived the war. An ambush came in the middle of the night, and it was Pompey who heard the enemies and barked a warning. To this day, pugs have remained a loyal friend to many humans. Interested in more pug stories like this? Keep reading.

1. Dog Saves by Sniffing

Did you know that dogs have, at minimum, scent receptor capabilities that are 1,000 times more powerful than that of humans? The Daily Express sniffed out the story of Flo, who saved her owner from breast cancer. Flo persistently nudged a lump on owner Marian Cooper’s right breast until she went to get it checked. The lump was so deep that it was difficult

Launch a New Career With SEO Reseller Program

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About search engine optimization

Are you interesting in becoming an entrepreneur? Do you want the flexibility and freedom that comes from having your own company where you can set your own schedule? Do you have terrific sales and marketing skills? You may want to consider entering a SEO reseller program.

You have probably seen a lot of information about search engine optimization. You know that SEO directly affects the performance of websites in terms of page rankings. The higher the ranking the more visitors will be attracted to that website. As a representative of a SEO reseller program you will be directly involved with helping your clients attain this success.

You will not need any specific education or training to be involved with a SEO reseller program, but it is a good idea that you know the basics of SEO. With a g

If a Shut-in Can Have Fun in Rochester, so Can You

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Rochester art museum

When I first moved to Rochester I lived near the corner of Goodman and Monroe. We had the worst upstairs neighbors in the world, and every single night that they threw parties until 3 am was one more night that we felt less and less like Rochester was the great place that we were originally sold on. Flash forward three years, and now I have done quite a lot while in Rochester, and I find that there is more and more I keep adding to my list.

You have probably heard from the Rochester news about all of the festivals, music concerts, and attractions that Rochester has to offer, but you do not know what you are missing until you have actually gone out there and tried them! The food, the entertainment, and the landmarks are truly not to be missed, even if unruly neighbors are depriving you of sleep.

What is Kitchen Cabinetry Design?

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Custom cabinets vancouver

Home remodeling is a fairly common industry, and among the most common remodeling areas are kitchens and bathrooms. Whether you know what you’re doing yourself or you need to turn to professionals for kitchen cabinetry design, a home renovation job will tune up the value of your home.

On that note, for the best return on investment, the cost of a kitchen remodel should be no more than 20 percent the value of your home. However, even if you plan very carefully, it is hard to know exactly how long a remodeling job will take, so it is smart to leave time for unforeseen problems.

Kitchen renovations take time, but they are worth it. It is always a wise decision to see professional home improvement experts if you want the best Continue Reading No Comments