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Pulling the Trigger with Prescription Shooting Glasses

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Target shooting glasses

Four Position Small-bore, a game first shot off in the United States in 1919, was the first use of 22 caliber target rifles. Since then American manufactures and marksmen have been innovating on behalf of this and other gun sports to better equip crack shots the nation over. Patience and timing are the most valuable weapons a marksman can have. Without them that gun of his choice is far less likely to be effective. However even the most seasoned shooters need more than these virtues. When wind kicks up, dirt, debris and even rocks are kicked up, and a perfect shot may be lost. For these instances, and even at the range for protection, there are shooting safety glasses. Being able to hold a gun is one thing. Knowing where and when to shoot it is entirely another.

Whether firing a handgun, riffle, or