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Fagala Biohazard Specialists, LLC in Gastonia NC

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Fagala Biohazard Specialists, LLC

4340 Winder Trail

Gastonia, NC 28056


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Fagala Biohazard Specialists, LLC specializes in crime, trauma, disaster and bio-hazardous cleaning. We provide services to residential, commercial and industrial environments, which have been affected by the presence of biological infectious waste, blood or body fluids. We offer complete odor neutralization of any affected area.

Our services include cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing. Services are not limited to crime and trauma scenes, but also suicides, homicides, decomposition and/or natural and accidental deaths.

Choosing a Decorative Concrete Training Company

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Decorative concrete

Are you interested in learning how to install decorative concrete in your home? Decorative concrete is becoming increasing popular in many homes. Concrete can be stained any color to match the decor of your kitchen, bathroom, floor, or patio. It is considered to be very durable and generally maintenance free. Concrete flooring is easy to maintain by mopping it with soap and water when necessary.

Stamped concrete can be used for counter tops, flooring, patios, and driveways. Additionally, concrete can be polished for a shiner appearance, which is perfect for professional retail spaces or production buildings.

Because of the popularity of decorate concrete, many people are interested in installing it in there homes themselves. This is where choosing a decorative concrete training company comes in.


Middleburg Bank in Reston VA

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Middleburg Bank

1779 Fountain Drive

Reston, VA 20190


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For more than 85 years Middleburg Bank has helped individuals, families and businesses across the state meet their financial goals with a broad range of financial services. Whether you need consumer or business banking solutions, investments and trusts or home mortgages, you can turn to Middleburg Bank for personal service and strong client relationships. For banking, investments, trusts and mortgages, we are “Neighbors You Can Bank On.”

Frigid Temperatures Threaten Worker Safety

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Metric spacers

A second polar vortex is expected to sweep through the nation, reports Time. Frigid temperatures are likely to hit on Tuesday January 21 and may persist for the remainder of the month. What groups are most at risk?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, construction workers, landscapers, gas and oil operations workers, and postal workers, will feel the brunt of the extreme cold. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) adds that dampness, pre-existing health conditions, and poor physical conditioning may increase risks of hypothermia and cold stress. Here are some ways outdoor workers can stay warm:

Dress For the Weather

Some materials are surprisingly ill-suited for the cold. Wet cotton, for example, provides little comfort and protection from freezing temperat

Saving Money on Diamond Engagement Rings

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Diamond tennis bracelets

Engagement rings and wedding sets can be some of the most significant purchases in a household, behind your car, your furniture, and the house itself. While at first blush it may seem gauche to look for “discount” diamonds, there are ways to save money when shopping for diamond engagement rings. Here are a few tips.

  • Diamond Size
    No doubt, a large stone will reflect more light and sparkle more fiercely than a smaller stone. But size is not the only way to capture that fire. A halo setting places a circle of smaller diamonds around the main stone, which can not only add sparkle and shine to the overall appearance, but can actu

Treat Your Marijuana Addiction Before It Kills You

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How to overcome marijuana addiction

Did you know that marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug in the U.S.? This is partly because cannabis plants are able to grow in nearly any ecosystem, and they can reach heights of up to 18 feet. Unfortunately, marijuana addiction is a dangerous and common problem that affects roughly 4.5 million Americans, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. There are many negative health effects of cannabis dependency, so it is important to seek treatment for this addiction immediately.

Cannabis addiction harms people in several ways. Frequent, long-term cannabis usage has been linked to balance disruption, the inability to form new memories, chronic coughing, memory and learning impairment, and increased heart rate. In addition, persistent marijuana usage can lead to serious m

Learn the History of Tamales, One of America’s Favorite Hispanic Foods

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Recetas de comida

As the Hispanic population in the United States has increased so, too, has our interest in delicious Hispanic foods from different parts of the Latin world. According to The Huffington Post, the American Hispanic population was 53 million strong in 2013. Within that sizable population, there are Puerto Ricans, Colombians, Argentinians, Mexicans, and many, many other different peoples with varied backgrounds and recetas for their culturally specific cuisines.

Just like all other Americans, Hispanic immigrants have brought with them their food culture. Unarguably, the most popular and successful of Hispanic foods is Mexican cuisine. As statistics from IBIS World show, the Mexican food industry in the U.S. generates $31 billion in revenue annually, and it’s expected to grow by 1.4% per year through 2

Why Small Businesses Are Worried about Health Care Costs in Canada

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Employee benefits and services

Health insurance in Canada is provided through a publicly funded health care system set up by the Canada Health Act in 1984. The Canada Health Act specifies the conditions and criteria with which the provincial and territorial health insurance programs must conform in order to receive federal transfer payments. The health care system in Canada is funded primarily from income taxes, although some provinces may change additional fees to raise money. In this way, the health care system in Canada differs from the primarily private health care system that exists in the United States.

Because health care in Canada is publicly funded, most services are free, although they are provided by private en

Three Things a Bathroom Remodeling Company Should Have

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Water saving toilets

When it comes upgrades in your bathroom, you’ll find that there are a ton of things to consider that weren’t available back years ago. Older commercial toilets have been replaced with efficient modern toilets. Walk in bathtubs that weren’t even conceptualized a few decades ago are also available. When it comes to bathroom sink vanity units, there are tons of options out there.
Still, the most important thing that you can do for yourself is to find a remodeling and plumbing company that is capable of providing certain assurances. Without them, you could be running the risk of hiring a company of amateurs. Worse yet, they could be complete and utter frauds.

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