Use Proper Kids Food Safety Techniques When Preparing Food For Your Kids

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Kids food safety

If you have little ones to take care of, then you will want to make sure they do not get sick from eating food you prepare for them. This is especially important if you run a daycare facility. To ensure proper kids food safety, keep a few guidelines in mind, and always make sure your little ones wash their hands before eating food.

When you are preparing food for the kids, always wash your hands first. And wash them again if they touch raw meat. Also, wash any surfaces such as cutting boards that have touched raw meat. Plus, you should make sure that your sponges, dish rags, and other cleaning equipment are properly sanitized. When you serve the food, make sure the plates, silverware, and cups are also properly cleaned and sanitized by hand or in the dishwasher. Food safety for kids is not something you can skimp on, so clean everything thoroughly before and after the meal. Kids food safety also needs to be properly maintained by following the food safety checklist; this can be downloaded for free from the web. In addition, you should wash fruit and vegetables when you bring them home. Foods such as apples, grapes, cucumbers, zucchini, and bell peppers that are eaten with the skin on should always be rinsed. You should also rinse lettuce and cabbage leaves, even if they have been rinsed by the manufacturer, to get rid of dirt, grime, pesticides, and other microbes that could be hiding in the leaves.

Kids’ food safety means being vigilant and putting the health of the kids before all else, so always follow the kids food safety guidelines when you are preparing food in the kitchen for them. Taking a few minutes to clean foods, cutting boards, pots and pans, and countertops will ensure that no one, especially the kids, will get sick from E.coli or other bacteria that can cause serious illness. Kids have delicate immune systems, and they get sick at a greater rate than adults do because they are still developing, so preventing food borne illnesses from the start is so important. It simply starts with making sure you apply food safety for kids every time you walk into the kitchen. When you pay careful attention to the cleanliness of your kitchen, everyone who eats your food will stay happy and healthy. Download the food safety for kids checklist today.
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Learn About a Kitchen Sanitation Checklist

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Kitchen sanitation checklist

A kitchen sanitation checklist is an important tool for many commercial kitchens to use. Using a kitchen sanitation checklist can help ensure that all the tasks that are necessary for keeping the kitchen clean and sanitary. As the tasks are completed, they can be checked off.

In 1879, the term mysophobia, or germophobia as it is more commonly known, which is a fear of germs and contamination, was coined. In order to keep the kitchen hygiene at an acceptable level, it is helpful for commercial kitchens to utilize software programs to track the items on their personal kitchen sanitation checklist. By following the basic rules of safety and sanitation in the kitchen, a restaurant can ensure that their employees are fully trained.

For a commercial establishment, many states require employees to complete a certain amount of training in food safety and sanitation. Using computer software to keep track of this training makes the entire process much smoother and more streamlined. The ideal software will keep track of the kitchen sanitation checklist and enable the admin to print out certificates.

Knowing the proper food safety facts can help reduce the instances of food poisoning such as those caused by botulism. This term derives its name from the Latin name for sausage as it is often found in meat that has not been handled properly. In many instances, it can take 24 to 48 hours for food poisonings symptoms to become apparent.

The popularity of hand sanitizer if evidenced by the fact that it is a business that enjoys more than $190 million in revenues each year. The five second rule, which dictates that no germs are on a food if it is picked up within five seconds and is false, by the way, is more likely to be implemented when the food in question is a sweet one rather than a savory one. For more, read this link: