How to find the best photo booth for your wedding

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Here are some interesting facts about pictures over the years. In 1888 Kodak sold cameras to the public while the first digital camera costs $10,000. The cost of the first photo booth is 25 cents for 8 photos in ten minutes. Today however they are digital and can be shard to social media sites. This is not surprising since only 2 of every 10 pictures taken are now printed. In the more recent years, photo booth rentals are becoming essential part of weddings. Now, to help you find the best Orange county photo booth rental for your company, here are three steps in finding the best photo booth company.

First, when it comes to Orange County photo booth rental and photo booth for sale companies, you know that you have some of the best photo booth companies we have today. And the best way to find the best of the best Orange County photo booth rental is to compare their services. Some companies for example offer photo booth management assistant who help guests from taking photos to printing to sharing the pictures on social media. Some offer easy sharing or sending to their own phones or social networking sites, such has Facebook. Second, check out their booths. If possible visit their location or office to see the booths. This will allow you to see if they have booths that are suitable for your wedding. Third, make sure you try what the company offers. Try the booths and their other services. They may seem great but they may actually be very difficult to use. The best way is to ask for demonstration and try them yourself.