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particularly if you own an older draft hood furnace. It is possible to save money and perform the task yourself by watching the YouTube video “How to clean a Heat Exchanger”. Find out more!

Before starting work be sure you check your heat exchanger has an encasement device to prevent flame roll-up. This particular model has an appropriate device that protects against the roll-up of flames. It functions by rolling the flames towards the in the front. While the device can be useful to prevent flames from expanding, it can’t be trusted to protect lives. Cleaning it regularly is the ideal option.

You will first need to pull off the top cover. It comes with screws you can easily take off. There is a draft hood on top of it. It will have to be taken down by removing both the top and bottom screws. After removing it then you’ll see the heat exchanger tubes as well as the baffles. The problem arises as dust and dirt get trapped on the baffles and block the process. You’ll have to take out the baffles, and then use a tree brush to remove all the debris as best you are able.

If you want to know more about the process of cleaning your heat exchanger, watch the rest of the video.


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