Avoid These Common forklift Mistakes – Ceve Marketing


Forklift dealers looking to buy a forklift for your business? These machines are powerful which will boost efficiency. This video will teach you how to avoid common errors that could result in productivity losses for you and the staff you employ.

The biggest mistake that people make is to not wear your seat belt. As you would do when driving in a car, wearing the seatbelt could protect your life in the case of a crash. The only thing you need is just a few seconds to secure it.

Another error is inattention to the situation. People forget to glance ahead when they are backing up. There are some who forget to stop at each end and honk their horns. An inadvertent mistake could result in serious injury.

Sometimes, people get comfortable with their forklifts. It is possible to see them resting their legs or arms against some of the parts of the truck that sit outside of the cockpit. However, this poses an injury risk because your limbs may get caught by something in the process of driving along. It is not a good idea to lose an arm or leg. It is common for people to speed. This can cause safety risks.


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