Channel 4 New Weather Forecasts

It may be time to face a harsh reality. You can not, in fact, be everywhere at once. If you want to know what is happening in the world, you simply must watch the news.

Take, for instance, the weather. Sure, you could spend years in college studying meteorology, and then build monitoring stations throughout your hometown and set up a central command center in your basement, and hire a complex and trustworthy network of similar minded friends and colleagues to perch on their roofs and give you up to the minute live eye witness account of each potential shift in every breeze.

Or you could just tune in to the Channel 4 News weather forecast. And then go have a bagel.

The Channel 4 News weather forecast does all those things and more for you (except the bagel). Trained and trusted professionals take the guesswork out of what to wear, bringing an umbrella, or whether or not to bike to work. Thousands of people rely on Channel 4 weather newscasts every morning and every night, to plan for their day or even their whole week.

And thanks to power and all pervasive might of the Internet, you can watch Channel 4 News live from just about anywhere, even on your mobile device during your morning bus commute. Stream the latest Channel 4 News weather forecast before you head out to lunch, or anytime during the day to see if you need to rush out and roll up your car windows.

Pay no mind to the naysayers who belittle and complain about the weatherman. Channel 4 meteorologists have access to the most cutting edge technologies and know the most sophisticated forecasting techniques. While weather patterns can certainly change quickly and in occasionally unpredictable ways, it is important to remember that the weatherman is actually right most of the time. So tune in to your Channel 4 News weather forecast and trust the professionals to steer you right.

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