Don’t Let Your Jaw Bone Deteriorate From Other Forms of Restorative Surgery

Preventive dental care

Did you know that about 15 million Americans don’t have any teeth, while 178 million Americans are missing one or more teeth? Statistics show that 69% of adults from ages 35 to 44 have lost at least one permanent tooth because of an accident, gum disease or because of a failed root canal procedure. Sadly, there are other more dire consequences to missing teeth than just having a poor smile. These consequences include significant changes to nutrition, obesity, diabetes, coronary artery disease and possibly some forms of cancer.

Thankfully, modern medicine has provided an answer: full dental implants.Full dental implants are medical devices use to restore the function, integrity and morphology of the structure of missing teeth.

While many people, about 15 million Americans, have had other means of restorative dental care such as crown or bridge replacements, they are not afforded the distinct advantages of full dental implants. You see, full dental implants not only look and function like natural teeth to retain a more natural biting and chewing capacity, but they’ve been designed to last longer, and be more comfortable and stable than other kinds of restorative dental care.

Plus, since full denture implants support full bridges will replace some of the tooth roots, the bone is better preserved. Dental implant surgery integrates the implants with the bone to help keep it intact and healthy. With other means of restorative cosmetic dental surgery, the bone begins to resorb, or deteriorate, around the tooth root.

Dental implants are growing more and more popular by the day. There are approximately 3 million in the U.S. that have at least one dental implant, and about 500,000 more people each year are expected to have one as well. If you think you may need full dentures, consider having the surgery for the outlined reasons above. If you have any questions about full dental implants, feel free to ask in the comments. Continue reading here.

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