Four Incredible News Feeds for Every Need

Did you know that Detroit currently has over 700,000 people calling it home? Within the Motor City there are people of all types. Some people love technology, but others love business. Some love science, and others simply want to stay up on local news. For each and every Detroiter there is a best news feed to fill their needs. Here are four of the best news feeds for Detroit residents of all ilk.

  • Best Science News
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    If you are one of the many residents of Detroit looking for a way to stay connected with all of the latest developments in science news, you should consider subscribing to the best news feeds offered for RSS. The Scientific American, long a staple of print publications for the science-curious, offers a high quality RSS feed covering topics like space, nutrition, and insects.

  • Best Tech News
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    According to Pew Internet, nearly 60% of Americans are using smartphones. For this reason, and many others, there is a huge interest in the States for tech news. Gizmodo, part of Gawker media, offers all of the latest and greatest in technology news through its RSS feeds and website. Want to learn about finding your lost phone, Google Glass, and the latest in smartphone applications? Look no further than Gizmodo.

  • Best Local News
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    Detroit news channel 4 is an incredibly important tool for residents who want to stay current on crucial information affecting the Motor City. While it is true that the bigger news networks have covered the economic hardships of late on a broad scale, it is only local stations like news channel 4 that cover the day to day trials and errors of the situation as the city gets back on its feet. Channel 4 is available as an RSS feed and as a traditional TV station.

  • Best Business News
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    Channel 4 news in Detroit represents one of the best sources for local business news as well. Detroit is the home to Ford and General Motors. For this reason there are few better sources for local business news than this.

    However, if you are looking for a broader, more international perspective, you should consider turning to a larger outlet. The BBC has outposts all across the planet. Subsequently, they offer unrivaled coverage of international business issues.

If you are a Detroiter looking for the best news feeds covering a wide variety of topics, then start with this list. Gizmodo, BBC, and the Scientific American all offer incredibly informative news feeds. However, do not ignore the local goldmine that is news channel 4.

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