Have you gotten a DUI? What happens next? – Custom Wheels Direct

Intoxication (DUI) is a traffic offense that is classified as a misdemeanor attracting prison time ranging between six months to one year. You are not in your proper state to drive or operate a motor vehicle while impaired or drunk. Driving while impaired can be a risk to yourself and other road users.
If you’re arrested for DUI or with no permit you’re guilty of two crimes. One is DUI and the second being operating a vehicle without a license. OWI means driving while intoxicated, and DWI is operating a motor vehicle. OWI could be more serious as DWI, but OWI is more severe in terms of the range of punishments.
Do you face a fine in the event of DUI or not? If you’re arrested for DUI the traffic police is going to issue you with tickets. They will also inform you of your court date for when you are required to appear in the courtroom to face the DUI crime. It is mandatory to hire a DUI lawyer to represent your case in a DUI instance. If you’re caught with a second or later DUI offense, a judge will give you a more lengthy time-limit, and your driver’s license is suspended for more that one (1) year. 9q2mj6z8vu.

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