How Group Health Plans Work

Employee benefits package

In Canada, health care is delivered through a publicly funded health care system, which is mostly free. Most services are provided by private organizations or entities, however. With that said, different companies may offer group health plans and other employee benefit plans as incentives to their employees.

Almost every company in Canada is made up of businesses which employ between two and 100 employees. Interestingly enough, a third of all those businesses do not see how group health plans and other benefit plans actually help their businesses. Some want to provide employee benefit programs, but are unable to afford it due to the high cost per employee.

Roughly three quarters of small business owners are actually concerned about the cost per employee of health care plans. Employee health benefit plans undoubtedly can help recruit employees and give even give them reason to perform to keep their jobs.

under the Canadian health care system, preventive care and early detection are considered important and yearly checkups are encouraged. Unsurprisingly, early detection extends life expectancy and quality of life, and can even reduce overall costs.

At the end of the day, not every business can provide group health plans to its employees. Since the health care system in Canada provides for the individual via tax dollars, many businesses do not see the need to institute a benefit plan for employees. However, some do, and there are options available that are actually affordable. References:

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