How Technology Has Made Prisoner Visitation Easier

Prison video visitation

Prisoner visitation rights differ from prisoner to prisoner, just as they differ based on location of the prison. However, due to the advancements in technology, video visitation systems now exist throughout a number of prisons. This actually greatly improves prisoner visitation rights, as it makes the visiting of prisoners incredibly easy.

Video visitation is the use of videoconferencing or closed circuit television systems and software that allows inmates and visitors to visit at a distance, rather than face to face in the uncomfortable surroundings of a prison. This is greatly beneficial not only because it reduces the amount of contraband that enters a facility, but because it puts the burden of scheduling and visiting onto the visitor, rather than the prison.

In addition, the use of digital videoconferencing equipment has allowed facilities to use technology already in use by businesses throughout the world to better manage, support and expand video visitation to auxiliary applications like telemedicine, video arraignment, video plea and distance learning. Meeting with people via video is most helpful for international businesses and needing to talk to someone face to face even though the two people in question may be a thousand or more miles apart.

Privileged virtual visitations actually can simplify preparing for cases, which can greatly benefit attorneys. Defense attorneys can spend more time in virtual visitation systems, which would lower their travel time and thus allow more time to review the case and prepare a better defense.

At the end of the day, the fact that video visitation systems exist in prisons greatly improves prisoner visitation rights. Prisoners have families too, and they are humans just like anyone else. Being able to talk to loved ones face to face, even if it is via a computer screen, can do wonders to boost the morale of prisoners and overall makes the entire process of prisoner visitation a whole lot easier for everyone involved. More on this.

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