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This is a very stressful event to parents. Dr. Alida Anderson explains what is to be expected in this video “What to Expect at your child’s first visit to the dentist.” This can be a more pleasant, if you go prepared on how to prepare for the dental office. The appointment to see a dentist marks an important step to ensure that the dental health of your child.
When should your child’s first dental visit be?

Your toddler must make a visit to the dentist when their first tooth begins to appear. It is recommended to wait until they reach the age of one. Encourage your toddler to brush the teeth at least twice every day in order to ensure healthy dental hygiene.

The idea of taking your child to your family dentist isn’t a bad venture, but to ensure that your child is the most comfortable environment, and in order to ensure that your child is in the most comfortable setting and is in a more relaxed environment, make an appointment with your child’s dentist. The reason is that a pediatric dentist is specialized in working on the dental health of kids and is also equipped with additional education in handling children with specific needs.

One of the most important things your child gets out of their first dental experience is a new sense of confidence as well as fun memories from their first dental experience.


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