How to Purge Your House For a Move – Maine’s Finest

You may find it more difficult to get rid of clutter if you own similar objects. Gather all books in your home. Instead of being focused on how many books you have in each place, consider the number of books you own. Choose which books to keep in accordance with your complete book collection.
11. Take note of the weight you carry when trying to lose weight

Think about the amount of weight you’re taking with you while purging your home. If you’re going to move on your own, the heavier the items you pack, the more trips into and out of the home you’ve previously lived in will be required. The less you have to take with you, the lower moving costs will be. If you have heavy electrical equipment that you do not utilize, think about selling them to your local electrical contractor or AC contractor at a reasonable price. There is a way to eliminate anything you don’t use or need.

12. Purge Items that are in the “Just In Case’ Pile

The majority of the time the clutter you find is simply things that you hold onto for a future use or even to think about. They’re not useful, unnecessary or necessary. They’re simply anxious to get rid of them. It’s important to take care of the ‘just in case’,’maybe, or ‘what-if’ junk now that you’re moving. Make sure you are as truthful and real as you can with yourself. Don’t move with anything which you do not require.

13. Be rid of items that are sentimental

It’s not easy to get rid of sentimental possessions. Instead of starting with them, you should focus on tasks that are easier to declutter first. Start by cleaning out your kitchen pantry, bathroom or coat closet. In these areas, you’re likely to make decisions regarding decluttering that are rational and less emotional. As you get better at decluttering, the more you do it. In addition, simpler tasks for decluttering aid in developing ‘decluttering muscle and, at the time when you need to declutter, you’ll be more prepared.


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