How to Setup Domain Names for Your Minecraft/Voice Server – Pleo HQ

S, mining resources as well as craft materials. These servers need to communicate through servers to communicate with each other. This tutorial will demonstrate how you can configure domain names to you Minecraft VoIP server.
The first step is to purchase a domain name on Select the “Domain Names” section at high on the homepage. Put the desired domain’s domain in the search box and then click “Search”. The domain’s name will be displayed in the list below the search box. Its price and availability will also appear. Press the button “Add to Cart” and then follow the steps.
Register a CloudFlare Account. You can then include your domain(s) in your CloudFlare Account. Click on Add Domain to access the Domains section of the CloudFlare Control Panels. Set the DNS records for the domain name of your choice. You can save the selected configurations and then await adjustments to take effect.
You can now connect to your voice server through Your Minecraft server will automatically redirect anyone who visits your website. zfwx3fckpm.

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