If a Shut-in Can Have Fun in Rochester, so Can You

Rochester art museum

When I first moved to Rochester I lived near the corner of Goodman and Monroe. We had the worst upstairs neighbors in the world, and every single night that they threw parties until 3 am was one more night that we felt less and less like Rochester was the great place that we were originally sold on. Flash forward three years, and now I have done quite a lot while in Rochester, and I find that there is more and more I keep adding to my list.

You have probably heard from the Rochester news about all of the festivals, music concerts, and attractions that Rochester has to offer, but you do not know what you are missing until you have actually gone out there and tried them! The food, the entertainment, and the landmarks are truly not to be missed, even if unruly neighbors are depriving you of sleep.

  • Food.
  • Rochester has some of the best restaurants that I have ever eaten at, and this comes from someone who used to live in the backyard of New York City. Take a look at City Newspaper Rochester news for Rochester restaurant reviews, and in no time at all you will have amassed a list of restaurants that you simply must try. Fans of regional cult food will need to seek out and try the garbage plate, which is reproduced at many of the restaurants in the area. Vegetarians, Vegans, and Flexitarians will also be pleased, as this city is friendly to those of us that abstain from meat in one form or another.

  • Entertainment.
  • You need only take a glance at the Rochester calendar of events to be suddenly overwhelmed by the opportunities to listen to Rochester live music, and attend Rochester festivals. Personally, I have been to Party in the Park music events, Park Avenue Festival, the Corn Hill Arts Festival, and the Lilac Festival. All of them are worth a visit, and Rochester news stations will also keep you updated on when they happen.

  • Rochester NY landmarks.
  • The landmarks are one area of Rochester culture that I have been a bit negligent in pursuing. I have been to High Falls, driven by the Mount Hope Cemetery, and been in the neighborhood of the Susan B. Anthony house, but what can I say? A good meal and some good music are more my kind of entertainment. However, if you are someone that likes to see places that have been touched by history, then Rochester is a wonderful city for that.

You need not ever run out of things to do while in Rochester, not if you have an interest in food, entertainment, festivals, music, landmarks, or art. Rochester is a vibrant city with a lot to offer, even to an antisocial shut-in like myself. Get out there and explore the city to see for yourself.

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