Is Minecraft Realms Worth It? – Skyline Newspaper

al. Does Minecraft Realms really worth all the hype? In this article, we will address just this.

Minecraft Realms is the only official Minecraft server. It plays directly in the game. The server is loaded just as any other game. Minecraft is solely responsible for this server’s performance. This means that everyone is able to play it whenever they want as the host does not require a presence for the other players to access the server. This creates a great way to enable multiple players to participate on their own terms.

Minecraft Realms costs $3.99 a month to host three players on its server and $7.99 monthly to host as many as ten players. Though it sounds expensive, most private servers are similar in cost and provide less speed that Minecraft Realms. Certain private servers are completely not, however, and in the event that money isn’t an option, you would benefit from an unpaid server.

It’s difficult to pick the perfect server that is right for you. Understanding your budget and the requirements to players can to make the process simpler. Find your perfect server today and get started.


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