Protect Computers and Electronics with Server Racks

Used server rack

Protecting your computer and electronic gear is paramount. With server racks or server enclosures, which are used to store computer server equipment, it’s never been easier or more convenient to keep these important devices safe. They also allow for dense hardware configurations without occupying excessive floorspace or requiring shelving.

Placed on these Dell server racks are usually equipment. The height of the electronic modules is also standardized as multiples of 1.75 inches or one rack unit or U. The industry standard rack or server enclosure is 42U tall. Nineteen inch server racks are often used to house professional audio and video equipment, including amplifiers, effects units, interfaces, headphone amplifiers, and even small scale audio mixers.

Server cabinets and server rack enclosures are also widely used for computer server equipment, allowing for dense hardware configurations without occupying excessive floorspace or requiring shelving. Another common use for equipment and server rack shelves is for industrial power, control, and automation hardware. Fiber plastic server enclosures were patented in the 1960s and became widely used in military and commercial applications for electronic deployment and operation.

Companies and businesses that employ the use of server racks and server enclosures can lower their data center expenses through efficient cold air distribution because racks offers integrated containment at the rack which allows for uniform cooling for IT equipment in raised floor capacity. Through cold air distribution systems, server enclosures can prevent over or under cooling of computer equipment, eliminate uneven air flow, remove data center hot spots and more.

Essentially, used server racks, when properly used, can help equipment run more efficiently and direct the right amount of air to the system to better optimize utilization. In addition, server enclosures work to save space while still expanding the data center, which allows users to decrease the amount of racks needed because air is properly distributed. Companies also save money on used server racks or additional racks that may sit unused in cold aisles as well as prevent racks over consuming air required by the IT equipment.

Used server racks also prevent the need for water or coolant within the rack, which cuts down on money and maintenance. Today’s new and used server racks and server enclosures are now also constructed of thermo stamped composite, carbon fiber and DuPont’s Kevlar for demanding military and commercial uses.

Custom built server racks and computer cabinets can help a company achieve not only the proper functionality for its IT system, but also design and aesthetic goals. Read more about this topic at this link:

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