Salsa, the ins, the outs and some variety

Salsa calories

Football and salsa fit together hand and glove like Tex-Mex in El Paso. But sometimes even traditions get old. So if you are looking to find a blend between an old favorite and something a little more new, here are some tips on recipes using salsa.

Before we break the mold of that old bowl and dip routine, we need to know how to break it.

Firstly, what is salsa? Salsa means sauce. It just so happens that our recipes using salsa are termed Mexican, while in Mexico these dishes would be run of the mill stuff. Yes, this also means that not all salsa is red with hefty chunks of tomato throughout. The classic mild salsa dip, that most American consider to be the salsa, can be given a punch or two in a few simple ways. Adding black beans and corn to your salsa can take it a long way from home, and in a good way. The same can be said for the addition of herbs like cilantro, cornichons, cumin or dried mustard. In fact these herbs can be used to make salsa verde, or green salsa, to further expand your palate.

Another salsa that is closely related to the traditional restaurant red is pico de gallo. Pico de gallo salsa dips can offer many variations on the more traditional salsas. Meaning “rooster’s beak,” pico de gallo may refer to a type of sauce, the chunks of which can be plucked up between fingers. Because pico de gallo can elude to a chunkier and more flavorful salsa, this category of Mexican sauces can include mango, pineapple and corn along with many other ingredients that are not typically found in salsa.

Now that we have established your salsa options, here are some ideas for recipes using salsa.

Recipes using salsa can vary from the tried and true quesadilla to the new age and colorfully sauteed scallops with fruit or avocado salsa. If finding the right salsa recipe for you depends on nutrition you can rest assured that most fresh salsa calories are both low and healthfully spent by eating fruits, vegetables and herbs. With this in mind you can make salsa nutrition easy using anything from more traditional southwestern salsa recipes to the more new age mango or avocado ones. Read more about this topic at this link:

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