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Learn the basics of basic cooking, and the proper way to scrub your kitchenand wipe clean countertops, and how you can use them for.

One of the greatest dangers associated with kitchens in the home and meal prep is the threat of fire. Statistics from Cooking Proline are disturbing “Cooking causes nearly half (49%) of all building fires across the US. Cooking fires lead to the average of 550 deaths and 4,820 injuries. In addition, 21% of fire-related home deaths result from fifty-five deaths. Nearly 44% of home accident injuries resulting from fire result from accidents. Beaumont Emergency Hospital recently released numbers that reveal that “Two three-quarters” of all house fires originate in the kitchen. 480 deaths occur each year as a result of kitchen fires. The number of kitchen knife-related injuries is 350,000. result annually. Most common injuries include fires, burns and cuts.”

While there’s a significant risk of burns and fires as well as other accidents the safety of your kitchen should be an absolute priority for children living in the home. Here are some ways to ensure that your children have the skills to take on basic levels of kitchen work so they can be involved in your next party meal prep or Sunday morning breakfast with the family. Make sure you follow these rules of safety in the kitchen and you’ll be set for the job!

Security for Food and Supplies

In the process of teaching children the basic regulations of safety at the table the safety of food and supplies is among the most basic and essential of them all. It is crucial that kids are taught to be safe when they store and handle food. It also extends to knowing the proper way to use various tools and supplies.

Food storage: All children should be aware of the important do’s and don’ts in working with food. These include things like making sure that you don’t leave meat out on the counter and not refrigerating milk items. You also need to be aware of cross-contamination when the storage of food or cooking takes place. If you


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