THe Advantages of DRTV over Print Advertising

Direct response production

The most effective marketing approach is a blended, or blitz, approach. As such, the marketing plans used by the companies utilize every form of media, for which specific strategies are implemented. Of course, the media outlets through which companies disseminate the majority of their marketing materials include television, print periodicals, billboards, radio advertisement, flyers and post cards, and online advertising. However, a Wharton School of Business study found that professional videos produced by high quality infomercial producers, are 50 percent more effective than other marketing media when it comes to information retention; furthermore, after seeing a video assembled by infomercial producers that endorses a product or service, consumers make buying decisions over 70 percent faster. As such, infomercial producers can make a profound impact by drawing the attention of consumers through infomercial production. Although it seems that infomercials are often the butt of consumer jokes, 75 percent of consumers prefer the work of infomercial producers over print advertising.

In television marketing, direct response production offers a particularly effective marketing strategy. DRTV production is exemplified by Drtv companies that put together infomercials, which offer special time sensitive deals. For instance, one of the most common types of DRTV productions will offer a product at half price, by one get one free, or buy one now at half price and get a free tote bag. Of course, in order to get these deals, one must call within the next five minutes, give or take a few. Infomercial producers are essentially employed by a DRTV agency, and the best infomercial producers are able to understand company objectives and goals, and implement infomercial production strategies to create effective informercials. More.

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