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Despite the prevalence of mobile devices and the ease with which the Web can be accessed, only 20 percent of American adults prefer to get their news through the best internet news sites over other news sources. While it is no shock that television remains the preferred news medium among Americans, the margin by which televised news dominates web news might be a bit surprising. According to a July 2013 Gallup Poll, 55 percent of American adults still choose television news over every other form of news media.

What is it about television news programs like Channel 4 News NBC that continues to make it more popular that web news among the American masses? Obviously, television certainly is not the most convenient medium through which to get the best news today, or any day. After all it is kind of difficult to carry around a television set, even if it did not need to be plugged into two separate outlets; and it definitely does not help teens to chat with their friends or check their email accounts. However, News Channel 4 is much more than a way to get the best news today; it is an American cultural institution.

It is impossible to deny that laptops, tablets, and smartphones are infinitely convenient ways to perform innumerable tasks, but they do not provide users with anywhere close to the experience that television news does. Think about it. If you had to choose between watching a football game on a 51 inch television screen, or on a three inch by four inch smartphone screen, which would you choose?

The fact is, some people still enjoy the social experiences of watching television with their friends or families. Obviously, crashing on a cozy sofa to catch the best news today after a long day at work is difficult to achieve with an iPad. And do not forget that television remains the primary media source for web news videos.

At the moment, it appears that the future of television news is quite safe; and it is likely that it will remain the chosen news medium until steaming online news forces new channels as we know them off the air. However, even when that happens, you can bet that people will still choose to get their news via large screen living room computer monitors than their smartphone wrist watches.

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