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Fun filled weekend Assembly of computers, troubleshooting and maintenance. There are online resources available to keep you updated about the latest developments in technologies and guide you through the construction process.
10. Running

Running could be the ideal daytime activity for those who don’t require a lot of equipment. Just put into your running sneakers and hit the streets. This is among the most well-known activities to do on weekends as it’s beneficial for both physical and mental health.

11. Writing

Writing can be a relaxing inside activity that can be appreciated by everyone who loves reading. Writing letters, poetry as well as books are all feasible. This hobby will open up an entire new world to you. Perhaps you should consider starting an online blog that allows you to express the things you love to do. You can also make extra income through writing for freelance.

12. Watch documentaries

The process of learning through documentaries is one of those hobbies which you can’t resist. There are a variety of documentaries at no cost on YouTube and on TV networks’ websites. You may also come across the biographical details of your favourite writer, singer, or actor.

13. Board Games

Fun weekends can be achieved by playing games on board. The possibilities are endless for organizing a game night with friends and family. An old board game could be cheaper than buying new, but you might already have one.

There are many hobbies you can take on for a fun filled weekend. There are plenty of activities can be picked from including swimming, fishing, building computers and makeup artistry. Each hobby has its unique advantages, be it being outdoors in the fresh air and taking in nature as well as socializing and making new friends, or expressing your creative side and learning new abilities.

Try different hobbies to find the one that is most suitable for yo


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