Why Smart Companies Outsource SEO Reseller Services

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Many companies today use SEO outsourcing because they do not have available the resources, the talent, the time or the money to shell out for development of SEO programs themselves. Instead of hiring the manpower, developing new departments and getting significant training on SEO, then, these companies outsource Seo services to trusted professionals. They are extremely smart to do so, for several key reasons.

For one, companies that join SEO programs and then resell SEO services never have to get stuck answering the question of what a Google cookie is, which incidentally is something that is automatically placed on a user’s device when that user either looks at an ad or clicks directly on it and that stays in place for the next 30 days. While SEO resellers are partially responsible for understanding SEO since they do have to pitch the concept to clients, they rarely need to know about the specifics of it, like the difference between search engines and web directories. The first, by the way, displays a list of results that are based entirely on a keyword search, while the second lists websites by both categories and subcategories.

Because Google’s algorithms are dependent upon at least 200 criteria, all of which are entirely unique, companies outsource SEO reseller services to never have to deal with this criteria or decipher it. This complex criteria usually is understood only by a specific population segment which has been trained on it extensively, and often companies lack the sufficient time to send their own employees to training. Most companies that outsource SEO reseller services also are quite small, so they usually only have a handful of people working within the company. And most staffers at these companies, whether they are marketing firms or web design agencies, have little to no thorough understanding of SEO, so their employers outsource seo reseller services.

Also, because social media is increasingly being compared with SEO as an extremely viable online marketing resource, many companies outsource SEO reseller services to add social media into the mix. They are doing so mostly because they feel it is valuable, but the smarter enterprises know too that in the same timeframe, the amount of small businesses that have added more to their social media budgets outnumber the amount of smaller companies that have decreased these budgets by four times. They outsource Seo reseller services to capitalize on the knowledge that SEO providers have about both SEO and about social media.

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