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Are You Being Cooked Alive by the Summer Heat?

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I can remember none too long ago when every day brought a renewed onslaught of arctic winds and endless snows. I remember having to clear off my car every morning before I headed to work, my blood pressure driving up from a mix of rage and my body’s scramble to maintain my core temperature. Oh, yes. I remember begging anyone that would listen for the Winter Wonderland to leave us and for the touch of summer sun I so craved to move in to take its place. Unfortunately, I got my wish not too long ago.

British scholar S.F. Markham wrote that “The greatest contribution to civilization in this century may well be air conditioning” in 1947. I cannot help but agree with him now that my AC is on the fritz and I am boiling alive. I live in Brooklyn near the old building of the publishing company that received the

Get Ideas from Looking at Landscape Pictures

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How to prevent emerald ash borer

Just about everyone loves a beautiful mature Ash tree growing in their yard. These trees are wonderful trees that you can find filling in the gaps in wooded areas all across the nation. The birds love to feed on the seeds that Ash trees produce too. You will also notice how lovely they look in an urban yard setting as well as in a forrest. Ash trees are wonderful shade trees. They do have problems with the emerald ash borer beetle though. These beetles have destroyed over 50 million ash trees here in the states as the adult ash borer will feed on Ash tree foliage. Efforts have been made to try to contain the destruction of Ash trees by this insect, however the insect does get transported from place to place on firewood or in the movement of Ash trees in nursery stock.

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