Companies Looking to Hire a Sales Rep May Assess Skills, Knowledge, Aptitude, Qualifications, Education, and Job Related Experience

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Applying for a new job can be a stressful process for a person that causes them to be quite anxious. The feeling of wanting to impress a potential employer and highlight all of their best attributes can sometimes overwhelm a person to an extent. On the other end of that process, many companies may feel a similar way. Hiring a new employee can be stressful for a company because they want to ensure that they find someone that will best represent the company. When a company hires someone, they are essentially putting a lot of faith and trust into a stranger. Sales jobs are a particular position that requires a fairly specific type of person. When a business wants to hire a sales rep, they will likely be looking for a person that possesses many different valuable qualities and qualifications.

In some cases, companies will use executive recruiting firms to hire a sales rep. Agents of these firms will usually have a wide range of contacts of people in the industry or field that they may be reach out to for a job. Statistics show that 32 percent of all sales people have only been working for their company for less than 12 months.

When trying to hire a sales rep, companies may determine if a person is suitable for the job by assessing their qualifications. Relevant skills, knowledge, aptitude, job related experience, and education are all often looked at during the hiring process. Because 80 percent of non routine sales require at least five follow ups before occurring, patience and perseverance are also important qualities that companies may look for in sales rep candidates.


  1. applying for any job is really stressful and nerve-racking, i’m always so worried about how i’ll be perceived.

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