Considering Getting a Divorce? It’s about as Common as Owning a Home Now a Days

Good divorce attorney

Trying to find a divorce attorney, and not only that but a good divorce attorney, can be frustrating, painstaking, and above all other things, expensive. Many couples filing for divorce in the United States now a days actually don’t go through the court system in order to settle their case. However, it can be frightening to try and go through a divorce alone, and there are actually some lawyers that cater to one demographic over another.

Specifically, a divorce attorney for men and a divorce attorney for women might be completely different in their approach or their priorities, depending on the situation and what is at stake for the person being represented. So, make sure you think long and hard about divorce before you decide to file for it.

Here are some statistics that might change your mind about leaving your marriage high and dry.

  • Until recently, many countries have not allowed divorce. In fact, Italy did not allow divorce until 1970, Portugal until 1975, Spain until 1981, Ireland until 1996, and Malta until 2011!
  • In the United States the median length of a marriage is about 11 years, and 90% of all divorces are settled outside of court.
  • Even though people who are divorced often have successful subsequent marriages, remarriages carry a higher divorce rate than first marriages.
  • A man’s gain in standard of living is 10% after marrying, while a woman actually loses 27% of her standard of living after marrying.
  • Children who come from divorced parents have a much higher divorce rate in their own marriages than children that come from intact families.

That being said, because divorce is so common, it is easy to find a local law firm that will represent you, whether you are searching for a divorce attorney for men, or an Arizona divorce attorney, simply by searching on the internet. Just make sure they are a credible, reliable firm that have won cases before! Continue reading here.

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