Is Your Website Design Holding Your Business Back?

Rails web development

The decision for a company to build a mobile app is the manifestation of business intelligence management. That is to say, it is an intelligent way to manage a business. In this day and age it is becoming more and more crucial that a business utilizes business intelligence technology.

With a mobile website that has employed an open source mobile application framework, such as that which ruby on rails web application development can provide, customers are much more satisfied. A more responsive website yields a better, cleaner experience for those using mobile devices.

I cannot stress enough just how important ruby on rails web application development can be for a business. There is plenty of data, however, which can. For example, 51 percent of consumers claim that they are more likely to purchase products from a website that is optimized for mobile use.

Furthermore, about half (49.7 percent) of mobile users in the United States own smartphones as of February, 2012. This is a huge slice of business you could be missing out on if you do not use ruby on rails web application development.

Responsive website design is only practical, considering the current model of online marketing. With Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing, your website can move to the top of the Google search results pages, but this is much more difficult when SEO marketers have to promote two links…one for your website and one for your mobile site.

Ruby on rails web application development can provide you hosting and integration. This way, if your website is developed responsively, it can work flawlessly across thousands of different screens, on different devices.

Today, people access the internet in a variety of ways. Utilize ruby on rails web application development and you will be prepared for the diverse nature of the internet.

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