Easily Surving the Dread Long Distance Move

Long distance movers

Taking it room by room may be some of the best advice for upcoming movers. If you are looking for long distance movers and anticipating relocation, you may want to take the time to make a gameplan so that you finish moving ready to work and play without much interruption.

No matter how much stuff you may have to pack and move, by organizing the process you can save time and anxiety. First, if there are some items that can be packed immediately and stored indefinitely, you may want to invest in pods so that you have room to stage the rest of your job.

Frequently, when packing up possessions, people are inclined to tackle too much too soon. If your timeline allows, plan out the order that your rooms will be packed in. That allows you to experience multiple positive goals along the way, which will help you as the movers get closer on the calendar. Prioritizing rooms and functional areas also means that you might not have to live out of boxes during the packing process. For example, leaving the kitchen until later lets you continue to use pots, pans and dishes as normal.

As you begin to make progress on your packing goals, it helps to create a staging area. By identifying an area (or areas) where you can stack boxes it will help consolidate trips to the truck and allow you to maintain pathways through your home. It may be a quick fix, but you do not want to pack yourself into a corner before the movers arrive.

Finally, make sure you label the more important or critical boxes so that they are readily accessible when you arrive. Sure, you can probably replace or purchase some items, but being able to find items when you need them will contribute to your anxiety about moving to a new location. Whatever your process, the more you can plan ahead, the better you will survive any kind of move.

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  1. Previously, we tried to pack everything at once and we were so overwhelmed because we had mulitple half full boxes all over the place. This time I will concentrate on one room at a time where possible.

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