Find Great Deals via Online Auto Auctions

Online auto auction software

Over the past two decades online auctions have continued to grow in popularity. Even though auctions have always been popular among folks who are hoping to get great deals on the assorted treasures that sellers want to get off their hands, the internet has lured millions of more people into the auction world via the thrill of online auctions.

Although the first online auction was run by a new defunct company called Onsale in May 1995, eBay made a much bigger splash when it appeared four months later. Over the past 18-plus years, online buyers have been bidding against each other for items as varied as plane tickets, time shares, collectibles, electronics, and even automobiles.

One of the biggest advantages of any kind of online auction is that they allow bidders to participate in auctions from any location in the country. Thus, it is easy to see why more people have been discovering online auto auctions. Whether they are avid collectors of classic cars, or simply looking for a great deal on a used car, Openlane online auto auction software allows them to bid on automobiles from the comforts of their own sofas.

While online auto auctions offer assorted advantages over conventional online auctions, perhaps the foremost benefit is the ability to bid on automobiles at any time and from any location. Unlike standard auto auctions, online bidders do not have to appear at a specific time and place in order to win whatever automobile attracts their interest.

If there is any disadvantage of purchasing cars via smartauctions it would probably be the transportation aspect. Obviously, shipping an automobile from Arizona to Maine is a lot more involved for buyers than taking possession of smaller items they might have bought in the past. Fortunately, the services offered by Openlane can make the shipping of automobiles as painless as possible.


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