Give Your Plant the Best Chance to Grow

Indoor marijuana growing

How we grow and maintain our gardens has changed over the last few centuries. Scientists have studied the best ways to make plants grow and how to cultivate them. One of these methods was developed in the 18th century, called hydroponics. Researchers discovered that plants consume vital minerals as inorganic ions in water. This meant that no soil was needed for a plant’s growth. While soil is a large repository for nutrients and minerals, it is not essential for a plant to grow. If the same minerals are introduced into its water supply, the plant has the same chance of thriving. Today, this method is taught as a standard technique, and is used in research.

The most advanced form of growing plants is aeroponics. This process suspends plant roots in the air inside a growth chamber. The roots are then fed a periodic spray of atomized nutrients, which increases their exposure to oxygen, stimulating more growth than any other method of gardening. The advantage of such a system is that any type of plant can be grown because the environment in which these plant are grown can be controlled. Hydroponics alone can cause waterlogging, where the plant can be oversaturated and essentially drown. Aeroponics give plants the same exposure to minerals, but give them enough oxygen and carbon dioxide, making it the best way to grow indoors.

Many people install the best home grow cabinets in their houses to hold more plants. The most sophisticated grow boxes have a ventilation system, a grow light, an odor control filter, and a hydroponics system. A grow box might also have air conditioning to maintain lower temperatures for plants that require it, and carbon dioxide to stimulate plant growth. The best home grow cabinets will also allow you to monitor the pH level of your plants, since plants tend to be slightly acidic with a pH level between 6.0 and 6.5. Newer models also offer LED grow lights which can be more efficient and cost effective, since they last longer than traditional high pressure sodium bulbs.

With so many ways to grow plants and help them thrive, it is no surprise that many people turn to hydroponics and aeroponics to do their gardening. You can buy a grow box and set it up anywhere in your house. This method of horticulture also allows you to grow more vegetables and other plants because they can be placed close to each other unlike ones grown in soil. In the best home grow cabinets, your plants will grow healthier, faster.

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