The Advantages of New Custom Homes

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According to statistics compiled by the United States Census Bureau, between the years 1998 and 2006, the average cost of a new home increased from $181,900 to $305,900! During those eight years, the average new home price increased more than it had during the previous 20 years! There is no question that this had a lot do with the economic meltdown that began at the end of 2007.

Fortunately, the United States housing industry has improved considerably since the recession, as the average cost of a new home is now around $280,000. Although this is still far from cheap, it at least shows that housing prices are a bit more realistic. As a result, the number of house sales in the United States have been gradually increasing since 2011, despite the fact that average new home prices are still relatively high.

Given the cost of a new home, many people with the financial resources to do so, have been considering investing in the building of new custom homes. After all, if you are going to spend a quarter of a million dollars or more on a new home, why not spend a little more and get exactly what you want? If home buyers have the money to spend on new custom homes, it’s difficult to name a single disadvantage of doing so.

If you are trying to come up with an extensive list of advantages and disadvantages of buying a house that is custom-build, the advantages would far outweigh the disadvantages. Undoubtedly, the biggest disadvantage of hiring new home construction companies to build a custom home is the cost. Other than that, the advantages of investing in new home designs seem endless. By choosing to build new custom homes, home buyers can save the time and hassle of finding the perfect homes that have every feature that they desire. Furthermore, they can choose to have their new homes built in the perfect setting.

Not everybody can afford to build a custom home, but if you can, you really cannot beat it. The only real “problem” would be settling upon one, single design, especially since the leading custom home builders are capable of breathing life into just about any custom home fantasy.
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