Has Your Crew Been Properly Trained on Fall Protection Equipment?

Lifting chains

Construction safety risks can be challenging to assess properly because one accident is so different from the next. However, when it comes to construction safety, there are indeed some certainties. Did you know that falls are the number 1 cause of fatalities in the construction field? Most falls are actually preventable with proper fall protection training. OSHA construction safety training courses provide construction workers with instruction as to the safe use of lifting equipment, for example, crane safety training and lifting gear safety training. When construction crews are provided with construction safety training courses, accidents do not occur as often. It is so important to make sure that workers understand how to use fall protection equipment safely, and this is accomplished within construction safety training courses.

After falls, the top three drivers of construction related fatalities are electrocution, being struck by an object, and becoming caught accidentally in between two objects. Construction safety training courses touch on methods of reducing all of these. As well, construction safety training courses lead to rigging certification, which can help construction workers make far more than the average $26.09 hourly wage earned by construction workers.

During construction safety training courses, workers will learn all about chain hoists, which are utilized as a means of hoisting and lowering heavy loads. So too will safety lessons related to web slings, cranes, and forklifts be imparted. These lessons are not just necessary to obtain OSHA certification. They actually change and save lives. Providing your crew with construction safety training courses is one of the most important things you can do to keep them safe.
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