Three Reasons Adjustable Bed Systems May Help You Sleep

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Did you know that those who suffer from back pain, especially long-term discomfort, tend to be in poorer health than those who do not? The source of the discomfort can be any number of things, especially stress or genetics. But your bed actually may end up proving to be a culprit as well.

Adjustable bed systems aim to right this wrong. The best beds for your back can end up being adjustable ones because of how they can both support and provide comfort simultaneously. Interested? Here are three more tips about adjustable bed systems:

1. What are adjustable bed systems?

An adjustable bed is basically a bed that you can tailor to your own personal sleeping preferences while simultaneously allowing for potential health benefits. Some people suffer from edema, or the swelling of certain parts of the skin because of a fluid buildup. Certain adjustable bed mattresses can raise your legs as you sleep, thereby possibly alleviating edema as well as prevent complications from the condition without much discomfort.

2. How many Americans do not sleep well?

Statistics from the American Sleep Foundation report that about two-thirds of people in the United States suffer from not getting adequately refreshing sleep at night. This means it affects people with all bed sizes, all different levels of bed comfort and even different bed dimensions by size. Sleep problems tend to be indiscriminate. If you are one of these people, you might want to look into what adjustable bed systems can do for your rest.

3. Can adjustable bed systems help treat back pain?

In short, maybe. Adjustable mattresses may help to provide more support for those with long-term back pain because of how the spine is naturally curved. The human in spine is S-shaped, which means that flat mattresses often can provide problems when attempting to adequately support it. Adjustable bed systems may help you get the rest you need by helping you find the comfortable and supportive positions your body craves.

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  1. Don’t think adjustable beds are just for the elderly, let me tell you. There might be a certain stigma attached to them as being for the invalid or frail, but they’ve been helping me since age 45.

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