Have a Long Business Trip Coming Up? Get Some Corporate Housing

Corporate housing rentals

How familiar does this sound? Your boss tells you that you have a business trip coming up. You get excited. And then she tells you that it’s a long-term trip, because you need to stay and make sure that the client gets established and turns a profit before you can leave. Your staying there the whole time will be much cheaper than if you were to travel back and forth on a weekly basis. And now you get sad.

The last time you had a long-term stay, you were put up in a less-than-stellar hotel for the entire three months. It wasn’t wretched, but it sure wasn’t comfortable, or luxury, living, by any means. It’s clear that your boss has not been exposed to the amazing aspects of corporate housing companies.

  • What Are Corporate Housing Rentals?
  • Corporate housing companies offer companies that are looking to put up employees for an extended period of time, and they do not want to simply stick them into a hotel. This can be for an extended period of vacation, personal, business, or corporate use. They are a great alternative to simply sticking someone in a hotel for a month or three, because it allows the resident to feel more comfortable and at home for such a long period. It can be used for business trips, or even if an employee is relocating, and arrives in the city prior to finding a permanent home.

  • What Comes With Corporate Temporary Housing?
  • All options come fully furnished, with a complete kitchen, and separate dining, living, and sleeping areas. It is essentially a furnished apartment, condo, or entire house for the use of those settling in for a long-term, yet temporary, stay. For an additional fee, it can be arranged that the living area have daily, weekly, or bi-weekly cleaning come in to tidy up the place.

  • Are There Any Restrictions to Corporate Housing Apartments?

  • Most corporate housing companies
    prefer the residents to stay at least 30 days, while the average length of stay in 2012 was actually 88 nights. Most places will allow for pets to join in the little out-of-town excursion, for an additional fee, and assuming that they stay under the pet weight limit.

The next time your boss tries to set you up to stay in some crummy little hotel for your prolonged stay, just tell her about the corporate housing rental option. It makes much more sense in terms of costs, convenience, and especially with employee morale (that’s you!) Get all of the details ahead of time and approach her with prices and a game plan, that there’s no way that she can so no. Find out more here.

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  1. i seriously had no idea that these were options. i am totally asking my boss for these next time i have a trip

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