Home Automation Efficiency and Peace of Mind

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Home automation is the process of turning most of your home’s functions to a digital, timed system. Essentially, it is like using one remote control to turn the lights on and off in the house, turn your television on and off, increase the thermostat or decrease it, open your garage door, and several other routine household tasks. Home security system companies can even connect your home alarm system to this system. Home automation installers can program many functions into one central location for you to control on one screen. Because of their high tech interfaces, these systems can be extremely expensive, and some homes with built-in home automation are selling for at least a million dollars in the United States.

Since many “man cave” owners prefer to spend money on an elaborate home theater that includes surround sound, flat-screen TVs and the latest A/V equipment rather than on a traditional formal dining room, home automation offers a great way for them to manage their high tech space. They can also use these systems to control how much their children watch TV anywhere in the house, or use the TV to browse the internet. But this may not be a concern, because NPD Group data shows that of the 10 percent of American homes that did have an internet-connectable TV in June 2012, less than half of consumers ever used this feature of their TV.

These advances in technology could also offer effective solutions for office buildings. A 2001 “Workspheres” exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City explored designs that could improve the efficacy and aesthetics of office environments, and an automated system could be a viable option for companies who want to consolidate their office’s functions. It might also save a large company money.

For homeowners, a home automation system could be what they need to not only save money, but reduce their own daily task load. Imagine never lifting a finger to turn the lights on and off in your house, or open and close your garage door. Or think about controlling a custom home theatre or a multi room sound system without moving from your couch. It might take a little extra time and money to work with home security system companies to install a high tech home alarm system, but you can have peace of mind that your home is safe with home automation. Research more here.

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