Learn to make your own Spanish Flan


Hispanic food or Latin American Cuisine is one of the most flavorful and delicious food that we have today. Hispanic food is also quite common and is served in many restaurants across the globe. A lot of people also serve it in their own homes, especially when there is small gathering. Some of the most famous Hispanic foods that people lover are empanadas, enchiladas, recetas de camarones, arroz con pollo. Then of course there is the Spanish flan, which have many variations today. Now, if you are looking for flan recipe, here are the basic recipe for the flan as well as variations that you can try.

Basically, flan recipe includes 2 cups sugar, 2 can evaporated milk, 6 eggs, 2 tbsp vanilla extract and 2 cups condensed milk. Now to prepare this flan recipe, preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Then in a large saucepan, melt the sugar and pour the melted syrup in your baking dish. Make sure you let the syrup spread on the bottom of the baking dish evenly. Then in a baking bowl, beat the milk, eggs, and vanilla extract. Make sure that you beat them well. Then pour this in your baking bowl with the melted sugar. Cover this with an aluminum foil and then bake it in our preheated oven for about an hour. After baking, let it cool before serving. Serve by turning it upside down on your serving plate.

Now, there are many variations to this original Spanish flan recipe. Some of the variations actually are to make the flan better. For example, from the original Spanish flan recipe, you can now make a Smooth Spanish Flan recipe. What you have to do to prepare this flan recipe is to follow the same Spanish flan recipe above. The only difference is that you will first separate the egg whites from the yolk. Use only the yolk. And instead of six eggs, use one dozen egg yolks. Beat them thoroughly first to make it smoother. Then follow the same procedure as the Spanish flan recipe. You can see the difference between the two and in the texture.

Another variation to the original Spanish Flan is the no bake Spanish flan. In this flan recipe, you can either do the Spanish flan or the Smooth Spanish Flan recipe. But instead of cooking the flan in your oven, you will instead steam it. So on your steamer, you place the baking dish on the top rack of your steamer and let it cook for thirty minutes. Then serve it the same way.

Lastly you can also add more flavor to the original Spanish flan recipe. In this, add grated lemon peel in the milk and egg when you beat them. Use at least a teaspoon of lemon peel. Here you will definitely taste the difference and will be surprised at how the Spanish flan is now zesty and tasty.


  1. I love this article but I love the flans more. I have tried the no bake and and the yolks only, they are hit with the kids. Will definitely look for more recipes here.

  2. My kids, two teenage boys love the one with lemon. Will try the other variations.

  3. My kids, two teenage boys love the one with lemon. Will try the other variations.

  4. My kids, two teenage boys love the one with lemon. Will try the other variations.

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