News Channel 4

Oklahoma News Channel 4 OKC is Oklahoma Citys news network. News channel 4 OKC broadcasts news that is local to Oklahoma City, but they also follow news of national importance as well. Their website offers options to look at just local news, with a section titled Great State, as well as other news. Likewise, they follow local sports, including highlights like a local high school athlete of the week, as well as college sports and national sports.

The weather report on news channel 4 OKC is extensive, including not only a seven day forecast and radar readings, but a health index relaying UV conditions, air quality, and flu conditions currently. It also provides clips on how to prepare for severe weather, and how traffic conditions locally are responding to the current weather conditions.

If you missed news channel 4 live, check out news channel 4 OKCs website at This site recaps the channel 4 news weather forecast, as well as the days news from news channel 4 OKC. For news, you can choose to look at all of the days news, or just sections, such as Great State, Saving A Buck, which highlights deals that news channel 4 OKC has found to save its viewers money, Whats Right With Our Schools, which discusses local education issues, and many other options.

The website also contains sections on Health, with articles about how to keep both adults and children healthier in todays society and in current health outbreaks, Contests, which outlines local contests and provides submission instructions for them, and Community. The community section has subsections of all of the areas that receive news channel 4 OKC, so that viewers can receive community updates that are pertinent to the area in which they live. There is also an ask the experts section, where viewers can get advice on issues such as landscaping, at home care, and home insulation.

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