Ride Google Updates and Current Trends to the Top of Search Engine Result Pages

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Did you know that, according to Google, 88% of mobile device owners using search to find local businesses will take action within 24 hours? Google boasts its own internet browser, new PCs dubbed “Chromebooks,” and it is likely to determine the future of internet marketing, too. Companies, at least ones that hope to stay in business, cannot ignore Google’s success. Staying ahead means keeping close tabs on Google, and its most recent algorithm updates. How are companies making the most of Google, and SEO tips and tricks?

Content Creation

Don Schultz, a Northwestern University professor known for his writings on Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC), states it plainly, “I really believe that content marketing is the future of all marketing.” Content creation is at the heart of modern marketing campaigns. It is important for companies of all sizes to note, however, that SEO content is continually evolving.

Sixty one percent of consumers are more inclined to make purchases after reading quality content. Google warns companies, too, that thin content is highly unlikely to rank. How can marketers ensure that content is quality, and what exactly is Google looking for? Google is pretty straightforward. Original content, with proper grammar and spelling, has a fair shot at climbing to the top of search engine result pages.


One of the best seo tips takes the form of newsjacking. Newsjacking may sound questionable, and it may not be seen in beginners guide SEO. SEO experts need to tread carefully, and make sure that content using newsjacking is well-researched, and remains top quality. The topic, however, is trending in top SEO techniques blogs, and SEO tips blogs. Why?

Done correctly, newsjacking can add to content’s value, and help content “ride” the wave of new cycles. Effective newsjacking accurately tracks keywords in current news cycles, and uses them, in quality content, while they are still immediate. Another tactic, along the same lines of newsjacking, is to exploit current trends. For example, people are up in arms on social media about the new American Indian Miss America, or Miss America 2014. If at all relevant, companies can use this social media controversy to help spark discussion and score top-ranking content.

Google is dominating the web. Marketers need to pay close attention, and focus company efforts on Google’s latest trends and schemes. The best, and most up-to-date, SEO tips and tricks focus on content creation, and making content as current, or as newsworthy, as possible.

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