The 4 Ms That Make Rochester a Great Place

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While it might not have the notoriety of other major U.S. cities, like Chicago, Boston, LA, and, of course, New York City, Rochester New York is still a great city for both its residents and guests. The city has a population of around 210,000, right in between its eastern and western counterparts of Syracuse and Buffalo. But while it might have far less people than other major cities, there is still lots to do and some great history within Rochester. Whether you are thinking about moving to the area or just taking a trip to Rochester, you might want to learn some of the more interesting facts about the city.

1. Malls

Every day, millions of people head to crowded malls to check out different stores and find great deals on the items that they covet. But the first enclosed shopping mall in the U.S. was built right in Rochester New York. The MidTown Plaza was built in 1962 until it was torn down in 2010 to make room for new projects.

2. Movies

The Rochester Community Players, the oldest community theater group in the state of New York, gave Foster Brooks, Robert Forrester, and Mimi Kennedy the opportunity to start their careers as actors and actresses. In the 1930s, Jay Silverheels, better known as “Tonto,” went to high school in the area, and Kirk Douglas, who gained fame as Spartacus, worked at a Rochester ny steel mill at one point.

3. Music

The many different Rochester music venues have hosted all kinds of great acts over the years, but famous musicians including Cab Calloway, Mitch Miller, Lou Gramm, and Chuck Mangione all call the city home. On top of that, the Eastman School of Music is regarded as one of the best in the country and its library has the largest collection of sheet music in the entire world.

4. Manufacturing

There are several products, even some that are still used today, that were designed and originally developed in Rochester New York. Dr. J.B. Beers created the first gold tooth in 1843, and, in 1887, Frank Ritter designed the first dentist chair. The first U.S. thermometers were built by George Taylor and David Kendall in 1851, and the original synthetic production of Vitamin A in the world was produced by the Eastman Kodak Company, making Rochester the home of many pioneers.


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