There is a Mixture That Could Prevent Tooth Decay – Dental Hygiene Association

th decay? Imagine that acid is eating away your teeth , turning your teeth into a yellow color. It’s not uncommon to have the same situation. Numerous Americans are becoming more conscious of the significance of maintaining a healthy mouth. This could be the reason why we observe an increase in the number of people going to dental clinics. Perhaps it is because we see a rise in dental concerns. Americans have a sweet tooth. There are times when you can indulge in sweets. However, too much sweetness will encourage the bacteria that are in your mouth to create additional acid, which can cause damage to the teeth. In this video, we will be taught about a specific combination that helps reduce the level of plaque as well as bad bacteria you have in your mouth.

The ingredient in question is fairly simple to make. The only ingredients are two and water. Ingredients include the equivalent of a quarter cup baking soda as well as 3 percent of hydrochloric acid. Combine these ingredients in half a cup of water and then you’re good go. Make sure to brush the mixture carefully on your teeth once per each day following your evening dental routine.


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