Understanding the Steps of the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Timeline – American Personal Rights

If a company is unable to meet its obligations then it is entitled to the recognition of debt or discharge. In times of financial crisis such as when businesses or individuals are in financial distress, many declare bankruptcy. The bankruptcy process is a possibility if you wish to retire debt at a discount as well as recapitalize the company’s operations.

A debtor who is in bankruptcy often initiates a bankruptcy case seeking an automatic stay that immediately prohibits creditors from taking any action to recover a debt, or repossessing debtors’ properties.

The bankruptcy process can be filed case by visiting a certified law firm. They will tell you the costs and how to proceed. If you don’t have the finances to hire an attorney to represent you in your bankruptcy case and you want to file for bankruptcy, you are able to do so without one. This is known as filing pro se.

The cost of filing bankruptcy is affected by the nature of your bankruptcy and the different kinds of bankruptcy. It is possible to check bankruptcy filings to determine the liquidation of assets and the individual restructuring.


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