Three Reasons You Would Be Foolish Not to Use Online Billing Services

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Online billing services are a great new way to expedite the payment process between you and your customers and clients. If you have not already, you absolutely must switch. It will be a favor to you and your client. Here are three reasons to show you why.

1. Reduce costs!

When you outsource you billing with online billing services, you reduce the personnel costs. How ever many hours it saves your employees is that much more pay that gets saved. Plus, it allows your personnel to focus on the core activities of their job, which makes your business more efficient.

2. Communicate clearly!

Online billing services helps your customers to understand their bill by giving them clear, concise information. Plus, since online billing services are all electronic, it allows them to view the bill easier, and much more quickly. Not to mention it makes communication with the biller so much easier.

3. Go Green!

Did you know that if 20 percent of American households switched from paper to using electronic means of billing, then the annual savings would include 151 million pounds of paper? Think about all the trees this would save. Online billing services helps save our Earth by reducing the impact we would have on the environment. Not to mention the fact that going green saves you some green. You can save an average of 11.5 cents per billing statement by avoiding paper with online billing services.

I switched to electronic billing services, and I can attest for each of these three points. My electronic billing system eliminated a lot of the problems that my clients would have with billing. Sometimes statements would get lost in the mail or perhaps it would take days to resolve some issue that they had. Now, with an electronic billing system, they can access the bill easy by filtering through their email, and if they have a problem, they can get ahold of me within minutes. The last issue I had with a client was taken care of in fifteen minutes.

If you have not considered using online billing services, then trust me, you are going to love it. If you have any stories about electronic billing systems, please share in the comments!

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