Throw Away Those Irritating Contacts and Get LASIK!

Lasik eye doctors

LASIK eye treatment, which stands for laser in situ keratomileusis, is a surgery used to correct vision in people who are nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism. The FDA first approved LASIK eye treatment in 1999, and has since been very popular in correcting eye problems. In fact, by 2011, eye LASIK surgery became the number on elective surgery in the United States.

Although the average cost of LASIK eye treatment is about 2,000 dollars per eye. This might seem like a steep price, but there are some insurances companies that will cover this. Also, if you consider the average cost of contacts and glasses over the years, then you will realize that Lasik eye treatment eventually pays for itself.

If you think it is painful, then have no fear. LASIK eye treatment is performed while the patient is under a local anesthesia that comes in the form of eyedrops, although some patients may request general anesthesia also. Although, it is kind of crazy to think that you would need anesthesia for lasers. I guess the future is here!

I recently had LASIK eye treatment, and what prompted me was when I lost my third pair of glasses this year. I have always wanted contacts, but have had too much trouble trying to get them in and out of my eye. So, when I first heard about the surgery of my friend, I looked up “Lasik charleston sc” to find the nearest LASIK eye center. I read the Lasik eye reviews to see how their service was, and eventually decided to go for.

Never before I have made such a clear eyed decision (pun intended). If you have any experience with LASIK eye treatment, comment about your experience!

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