Tips to Set Up Your Cisco IP Phones Correctly – Free Computer Tips

They can be used in commercial or professional communication. They must be properly set in order before they are utilized. A YouTube instructional video “How to Setup the Cisco Phone” details the procedures for properly setting up the Cisco Phone.

In the process of setting up the Cisco IP phone initial step involves installing the base. Fix the base on the back of your phone. Once the base is set up, attach the cord to the handset. When the longer cord is inside the phone and the shorter one is used to enter the handset. Be sure to plug the cord into an HAC compartment.

It is essential that the Cisco IP phone needs to be connected with the internet to perform. One end of the cable for the network should be plugged in the “SW” section of the phone while the other one should be connected to the router. The Cisco IP phone can also connect to the computer by using a cord, if desired. Once these connections are made, the phone can be plugged into.


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