What is a 5 20 Outlet? – InClue

There are many kinds of power cords across the globe you could buy at home and also for the office. But, one question is what exactly do each one of them accomplish? Different cords are equipped with different powers and are used to power many different things. In addition, the voltage will determine the power output. But, what’s the difference between NEMA 520 power cord as opposed to the NEMA 620 power cord? This will allow you to comprehend what a 520 outlet can do as well. This video explains the differences between different power cords, and also which power cord is best for your requirements.

The professional explains the difference between the two plugs and how they work when connected to an appropriate outlet. You cannot plug either of these power cords into one different one because their prongs will not fit in with the holes. Therefore, this is something to be aware of.

Go through the whole video to learn all about the differences between NEMA 5 20 power cord and an NEMA 6 20 power cord.


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