Useful Sites for Car Auctions

Are you interested in going to GSA auctions? Well, what are GSA auctions, anyway? GSA stands for general service administration, and these are auctions run by the government. Basically, the government ends up seizing a lot of property during drug busts and other types of criminal activity. Sometimes the property is from people who have defaulted on loans, and sometimes again it is stolen goods who the police have not been successful in returning to their owners. Since there is limited space to store all these things, the government auctions them off with GSA auctions.

GSA auctions sometimes feature automobiles. If it is car auctions you are interested in, Manheim is one company that specializes in auction services for vehicles. Their site is for dealers, and dealers can access OVE. Openlane is another online site that connects wholesale car buyers to sellers. Smartauction is your third online choice, and it is a handy deal for car dealerships. All of these sites are basically the way car dealers located used cars for their dealerships. And many of these cars do come from the government or from insurance auto auctions, when people defaulted on their car payments. References.

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